Do you consider yourself a dress person or a jumpsuit person? I am actually so happy to be talking about this subject, the prominent place that jumpsuits gained over the last 5 years have made me a very very happy. I never really understood why people gave them up… sort of.. I love a good jumpsuit, I know it is a hassle to pee but still, it is just COOL. Maybe because I am a 70s child :) I for one am thrilled that the jumpsuit is making a transition from fashion statement piece to fashion staple.

So you now think ohhh she is a jumpsuit person, well, not so fast. I mean dresses were my first loves, I remember looking at my mother’s Burda magazines, (she was a successful seamstress and had her own bespoke dress business - apple ---> tree :)) and asking her to make me this or that dress with my own variations was the highlight of my childhood.

Simplicity and ease are the most important factors to many of us. We all lead very busy lives, and the quicker we can get dressed (while still looking put together) the better. And sorry separates but nothing accomplishes this goal of sartorial elegance and effortlessness like the dress …. And also the jumpsuit.

Quelle dilemma???

Sooooo ….

To make things a bit simpler I think it is best to compare the same style - asymmetrical, one shoulder A line Amalfi dress vs Amalfi jumpsuit (both by Ellera resort wear)

The dress, feminine, soft, easy to wear silhouette.

The jumpsuit cool, edgy, comfortable.

Both look put together, both look modern, both even have pockets!

I am torn.. You decide…

Whichever you wear, wear with confidence, nothing more beautiful than a confident woman. Own it!




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