As I took my seat on the long haul flight coming back from Christmas vacation, took off my Uggs and snuggled into my super soft cashmere wrap, I thought I should get a list going for seven things you need when traveling, well at least I need and I recommend you get. I promise they will change your life or at least improve your plane ride.  

1 - Uggs - This is the first time I put my Ugg moccasins on to get to the airport, on the plane  and wore them all the way to my house. The reason I did this was due to some packing logistics (I did not want to carry them in my carry on, did not want to swap shoes on the plane, I needed something to put on and take off easily, something that will keep my feet warm). And OMG it was a revelation, why did I not think about this before?? You can wear them barefoot, take them off easily to sleep, and put them on quickly to use the lavatory. Your feet will be  cool and comfortable while you sleep and warm and cosy while you have them on and not sweaty or dare I say smelly. Genius!

2 - Shawl or a wrap, preferably cashmere - Ok, this one,  I have been in the habit of it for at least 10 years, when I bought that cashmere wrap from Loehmann’s years ago, I thought to myself, will I use it, is it worth the money (it was not cheap) but it is real cashmere, it is gray, and oh so soft. So I splurged! And have I used it - I take it on all of my trips it doubles as a blanket for the plane and as a scarf during the day. It even has a moth hole that I repaired, I will never ever give it up.

3 - Water bottle - I have one that collapses so it is easy to carry (see picture), is very ecological and also budget friendly as most airports have water fountains so you can fill it up and take it with you, and don’t have to pay $10 for a bottle of water and you have water with you everywhere you go.

4 - Ipad - I have to have my movies and books and magazines on a plane. I guess if it was just books it would be ok to carry one book to the plane but magazines are heavy and you need more than one. Airline entertainment systems are not reliable so I need access to all my books/ magazines and movies with me. All of them. And if I want all of them, I need my Ipad, period.

5 - Headset - Noise canceling preferably, also helps while you are trying to avoid fellow passengers. Yes, I said it. :) I am not much of a small talker, it is the 54% introvert in me, I dread meeting new people, and never know what to say. And, I like deep conversations, preferably over some beverages (preferably alcoholic :)).

6 - Painkillers - I learned this the hard way, I got on a plan from Europe to the US and (ehemm) drank a bit too much wine (in my case this is 2 glasses, I know pathetic!) and got dehydrated and had the worst headache. I asked for an Advil from the flight attendants and they said they had to find a doctor on the plane and have them agree to give me an Advil. Ugh. So, long story short,  they won’t give you painkillers on a plane if you get a headache. So pack your own.

7 - Wet wipes - I take these everywhere with me as well, you never know what you will find when you bring that tray table down :) I get them when I am in Europe, they have small packets and wonderful smelling ones like lavender.

Safe travels!



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