(this is not a new year resolution)

As I was flying back home from my Christmas break, I had the time to reflect on the year that just ended and what I would want for the coming year : 2019. I decided to create the “7 list” 7 things I wanted to work on.

Before I get to the 7 list for 2019, I want to assess  2018, mind you, I have never done this before, did not even set concrete goals for 2018, I created a vision board but I feel now that it is important to supplement that with a very real list…

So this is what I did in 2018:

1 -  I started SoulCycle in April and I fell in love with it - never thought I would fall in love with exercise, like, ever. I still go and I always look forward to the class.

2- I set up my new Ellera resort wear studio/showroom in January in San Francisco, finally have a place I can work on patterns, do fittings, meet customers, and have trunk shows.

3 - Moved to a new smaller apartment in the city, I realized that, more than anything I need sunlight in my house.

4 - Hired my first intern, Toyosi, she is amazing, so creative, positive and full of life.

5 - Traveled to Rio in Brazil, Honolulu in Hawaii, Istanbul in Turkey and Positano and Capri in Italy. Felt the sun on my skin, the mediterranean water all around me, was so inspired and healed.

6 - Subscribed to the Economist, read a lot more books than I have in the past years.

7 - Created new designs, bought more prints and added easy breezy summer silhouettes to Ellera collection to complement the sleek jumpsuits and dresses.

All in all I think I did pretty good, I would have liked to be more creative but that is the Capricorn in me. Here is a picture of my vision board for 2018, see how it correlates to the list above.


So… here is the list for 2019:

1 - I want to learn Italian, this is something I wanted to do for the longest time and I want to stop dreaming about it and finally accomplish it this year. I already signed up for class!

2 - I want to continue on my journey to be fitter and definitely will continue Soulcycle. I want to try Rumble, it finally opened in SF (it is the SoulCycle of boxing I heard - how can it be bad???)

3 - I want to completely revamp the Ellera website, which will now be called elleraapparel.com, it will be amazing! I will write a blog post at least every month and will aim for every week and have it available on the new website.

4 - I want to make Ellera a profitable business and will spend more time on marketing. I want to find a trunk show rep, who can organize trunk shows and sell Ellera products and through this endeavour, hopefully, empower other women. Eventually I want to create my Ellera army!

5 - I want to create a bit more this year and really establish the foundation for Ellera.

6 - I want to work on smiling more and be more compassionate to people around me and myself and cherish my real friends.

7 - I want to travel to a place I’ve never been before, Vietnam and Cuba are on the list.

Let’s see what the new year will bring, hopefully and more importantly, personal growth, peace and joy. What is on your list for this year? Here is my vision board updated for 2019….


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